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Title: Misery
Author: Stephen King
Publisher: Viking Press
Publication Date: June 8 1987

Misery by Stephen King is an absolute classic. A very well-known writer, Paul Sheldon, has crashed his car in a snowstorm, breaking both his legs. It seems he is going to die in the icy cold weather, when a woman pulls him out of the wreck. Her name is Annie Wilkes, and she is Paul’s #1 fan.

She brings him to her remote cabin, where she ( a former nurse ) decides to nurse him back to health. Paul soon realises Annie has built an unhealthy obsession with a series he has written: The Misery Series. A series he himself despises. When Annie finds out he has killed off the beautiful heroine, she is outraged and forces Paul back into Misery’s world  to bring her back to life in the newest book: Misery’s Return; the final book, just for her. Paul grows increasingly concerned for his safety. Why didn’t she just call an ambulance?

Annie comes up with many tactics to prompt him to write, such as the needle, the blowtorch and of course…the lawnmower. Paul devises a plan to escape this never-ending nightmare of a woman, as he slaves away on that Royal typewriter.

This book is well paced, written beautifully and all round an amazing book. Stephen King is an incredible author and delves deep into the psychology of his characters. You are inside Paul Sheldon’s head the whole time, making you feel like you are there. This is definitely a book for people who are brave and don’t scare easily. I would not recommend this book for anybody under 14. It is extremely intense and visually descriptive. Misery is for people who enjoy the thrill of horror and the shock of gore.

I loved this book and will definitely read it again.


inky State Library Victoria

I'll never forget seeing the movie! Stephen King is an excellent story teller!

24th Oct, 19

It sounds amazing, though I have heard a few bad things about King's characterization of women in SOME of his books.

26th Oct, 19